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Office Hours (call or text anytime to book) 770-509-6755

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Dr. Pero is the Team Chiropractor of the Atlanta Blaze

                                                               Dr. Jason Pero

Mission:  To help our community live better/pain free lives naturally.

Call or Text  (770) 509-6755

We do accept most major insurances.  However, we do not participate with Medicare at this time.


We help families live healthier painless lives with specific biomechanical analysis and treatment.  Typically, if you're reading this you encountered an episode of back pain, neck pain, runner's knee, tennis injuries, shoulder pain, headaches, etc.  These are just a few of the conditions we see on a regular basis and are experts in treating.


The demand of lifting, jumping, running puts extensive pressure on spine, muscles, joints and ligaments.  If you have never incorporated chiropractic in your wellness routine that's okay.  


If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident give us a call to reserve an appointment so you can start experiencing relief.  If you do not have an attorney yet, it's okay, we can help you find one.  We work with your car insurance, attorneys, and health insurance to get you the care you deserve.  Our office is seamless in handling these cases.  We have a group of attorneys we work with that we can send you too if you need a good referral. 

LEARN MORE...770-509-6755

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I'd been having lower back pain for about a year now. It got to the point where my quality of life was being seriously affected. I knew it was time I needed to seek a professional. I went to Dr Jason, he told me with 1-2 adjustments weekly I would be feeling better. About 2 months later my pain is nearly nonexistent. I truly believe without Chiropractic care I would still be in pain. Thank you Dr. Jason!

Carmen L.
Marietta, GA

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